And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8
  • Harold Eavenson
    Sheriff Harold Eavenson
    Rockwall County, Texas
    National Sheriffs’ Association President
  • Come and Take It CannonEldon Farek
    and David Bridges
    in Gonzales, Texas
    with the
    "Come and Take It" Cannon
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David proved to be an excellent advocate for the State with his legal skills and courtroom demeanor. He was honest and fair with all whom he dealt; fellow prosecutors, defense counsel, law enforcement, crime victims and their families. I have continued to follow David’s career and we have remained friends over 30 years. The litigants, the State Bar , and the citizens of Texas cannot find a more qualified or more honest individual to serve in the capacity of Presiding Judge for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. I offer my unabridged support as David seeks to further serve the people of Texas.

Richard L. Moore
Former First Assistant District Attorney
Smith County, Texas
Smith County Texas
I have known Judge David Bridges since 1981; he has always been ‘a straight-shooting, stand-up for what’s right and help the little man’ kind of guy. He will bring a ‘get to work’ ethic to his job and won’t be afraid of working long hours for the right reason.

Kent Birdsong
Oldham County Attorney
Vega TX
Oldham County Texas
I have known Justice David L. Bridges for approximately fifteen years. I have great respect for him personally and professionally. He is very respected in the community of Rockwall. I also know his wife. She taught two of our grandsons. They both consider her to be one of their favorite teachers. It is my opinion that he would be an outstanding Chief Justice of the Texas Court of Appeals. I am honored to have the opportunity to recommend him for this esteemed position.

Harold Eavenson
Sheriff Rockwall County Texas
National Sheriffs’ Association President 2017-2018
Rockwall County Texas
I recommend Judge David Bridges as Chief Justice of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. He is a native East Texan who, throughout his career as prosecutor and jurist, has been dedicated to serving our citizens with fairness and integrity.

Jim Wheeler
Wood County Criminal District Attorney
Wood County Texas
I have known David Bridges since the fall of 1978 when we both were in college at Texas Eastern University, which was soon to become the University of Texas at Tyler. We were both taking Political Science classes, which was our major. We soon became good friends and David also befriended my parents during our time in college. David worked a full-time job while in college and I found out that he had served in the Army and was also an Eagle Scout in his youth. David and I graduated with our Political Science degrees from UT-Tyler in 1980. We both took the LSAT as a pre-requisite for law school and while David applied and was accepted at several Texas law schools, I decided to go to work as a petroleum landman. When David decided to defer the school for a year to work to offset the expenses, he and I worked together for a year with the same broker doing oil and gas leasing. After that, David went on to law school at Texas Tech and I continued on for a few years as a petroleum landman. David went on after graduation and became an Assistant District Attorney in a couple of counties in East Texas, including Smith County, in Tyler. After that, he went on to work for about a year for the Texas State Bar where he did investigations into ethics violations by attorneys in the state. When David had interest in running for the U.S. Congress, he wanted to avoid any conflicts of interest and went into private practice. He met a great many people during his two runs for congress, including many of the state and federal officials serving our state and country. David eventually decided that one way he could make a difference was as a justice on the Fifth Court of Appeals, which is one of the state’s 14 courts of appeal. David has served on this court since 1997 and I have known him to always be a thoughtful and dedicated person who is impartial and fair. While David is a true conservative, he is also a very compassionate human being and I have always known him to do the right thing.

Patrick Paro
Houston, Texas
Harris County Texas
I have known Justice David Bridges for over twenty-two years. He has served the State of Texas faithfully. I also know him on a personal basis to be a man of Christian values. I have no reservation about recommending him as Chief Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Constable Randy Earl Parks Precinct 4
Rockwall County
Rockwall County Texas
I retired from the Dallas Police Department after 23 years of service. Most of that time I was a detective. I applied for an investigator position with the State Bar of Texas. I was hired for that position and in October of 1989 I opened an office for the State Bar in Tyler, Texas. That is when I met David Bridges and we have been close friends since that time. David is a trusted friend, He was on the Fifth Court of Appeals for 21 years. I can't think of anyone who would be more qualified for the position for which he is running than David. He is trustworthy and a good family man.

Jim Gholston
Hideaway, TX
Smith County
Smith County Texas
I've known Judge David Bridges for many years. He will be a jurist who makes us proud, adjudicating the law fairly, firmly and based on the constitutional principles Texans hold dear."

Jerry Patterson
Former Texas Land Commissioner
Travis County
Travis County Texas
I have known Justice David Bridges for over 10 years and am proud to call him a friend. A US Army veteran, he has a vast and varied experience and has given years of service to our state. He was an Assistant District Attorney in Smith and Upshur Counties where he prosecuted criminal cases and argued criminal appeals. He was legal counsel for the State Bar Disciplinary Committee, where he prosecuted attorneys for misconduct. Most recently, he has been elected for four consecutive terms and has served 21 years as a justice on the 5th District Court of Appeals in Dallas. Respected by lawyers and citizens throughout our region, Justice Bridges would be a great addition to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Kenda Culpepper
Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney
Rockwall County Texas
“Integrity, honesty and good character are desired in every elected official but is especially needed in our judiciary system. I have personally known Judge David Bridges and his family for over twenty five years and I can attest that he has displayed both integrity and character in his personal life as well as his career. His experience in the legal system speaks for itself and he will serve our great state well on the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals. I strongly endorse him and ask that everyone join me to support him and vote for him in the upcoming election.”

Commissioner Patsy Marshall,
Rains County, Texas.
Rains County Texas
I have known Justice David Bridges for well over 30 years know him as hardworking, honest and honorable man. I wholeheartedly endorse him for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Eldon Farek
Gonzales Texas
Gonzales County Texas
Having David Bridges as a neighbor for the last 18 years has been such a blessing. His commitment to others, his commitment to individuals, his commitment to community, and his commitment to our great state of Texas has provided me, my family and the citizens of Rockwall with a stellar example of what it means to lead with integrity. David is a man of great faith, who genuinely cares about others. While there are many things that I appreciate about David, I am grateful for his positive outlook and how that outlook consistently serves others through both his words and actions.

James Terry
Rockwall County Texas
Judge David Bridges is someone I can always count on! No matter what the situation, he will do the right thing in the best way possible with kindness and care. Twirlers depend on him for help, encouragement, mentoring and guidance time and time again. He has been a part of our twirling group and others for many years and a great friend to students, coaches and parents alike. Vote for David Bridges! He will lead in the right direction. Count on it!

Janice Jackson Seamands
Rockwall County Texas
David is diligent in supporting the church library with his time and talent and has been for more than 21 years. I think David will be an excellent appellate judge.

Judy Muncy,
Church Librarian
First Baptist Church,
Rockwall, Texas
Rockwall County Texas
"Justice David Bridges is a steadfast leader in our community and in the legal field. As a constituent of over 20 years and recently as an attorney, I respect the knowledge, honor, courage, and commitment that Justice Bridges brings to the practice of law. He is an unwavering pillar of strength and justice. I cannot imagine a more qualified and dedicated servant than Justice Bridges and it is my honor to wholeheartedly endorse him for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals."

Blake Buchanan
City Councilman
Fate, Texas
Rockwall County Texas
I have known David Bridges since his time with the State Bar of Texas prosecuting unethical lawyers. He has always been a man of integrity. Justice David Bridges has now served over twenty years on the Fifth District Court of Appeals. I know he would bring that same honor and integrity to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals as Presiding Judge. He has my unqualified support and I encourage all to vote for him.

Richard D. Hayes Attorney at Law
Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP
Former Denton County Republican Party Chairman
Denton County Texas


Judge Bridges,
It is an honor to endorse your candidacy for Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. I have been blessed to know Judge Bridges and have on many occasions heard the story of his background. He is indeed a exemplary example of American Success. Judge Bridges served the State of Texas faithfully for the last twenty years as a Justice on the Fifth District Court of Appeals. He is now seeking for Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. He has my full support and cooperation for his endeavor.

Ray H. Myers
Kaufman County

David Bridges is a class act.
A fine man,great father, husband and an excellent Justice of the Dallas Court of Appeals.
I have known David Bridges for over 25 years, ever since he was a deputy prosecutor in Upshur County,Texas.He is honest,able and fair.
David Bridges would be a breath of fresh air for the Texas Criminal Appeals Court.
Tefteller Law backs Justice Bridges 100%.

Todd Tefteller,
Tefteller Law
Gilmer, Texas
Upshur County
I got to know Justice Bridges when I was working as Dallas County Republican Chairman. Justice Bridges is an ethical conservative judicial leader. I support him completely for Presiding Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals.

Wade Emmert,
former Dallas County Republican Chairman
I have known David Bridges for over 25 years. He is a stalwart conservative committed to the Constitution and the rule of law. There is no better choice for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
Clyde Siebman
Former Grayson County Republican Party Chairman



“David Bridges is a rock solid conservative. In his current judicial position, David has a strong track record of staying within judicial boundaries and not legislating from the bench. I have known David well over 25 years and support his candidacy for the Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals." Jodie Laubenberg State Representative Murphy, Texas, Collin Co.


Justice David Bridges is a man of integrity who understands that his role in our constitutional system is to faithfully interpret and apply the law. I have practiced before him for over 15 years and he is a shining example of a fair and independent judiciary. Texas needs more principled, conservative judges like David Bridges.

Byron Henry
Collin County Texas


I have known Justice David Bridges since our first year of law school. I know him as a man of conservative beliefs and strong character. As a State prosecutor for over thirty-one years, I understand the need for a strong, respected, conservative judiciary. I fully support my friend, Justice David Bridges, for Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Randall C. Sims 47th Judicial District Attorney
Potter & Armstrong Counties


David Lee Bridges is a strong conservative jurist, tough on crime, who also consistently respects and understands the importance of the rule of law and strong constitutional values. David is measured and intelligent in his fairness and sense of justice, always exhibiting the highest levels of ethics in his personal and professional dealings. He also has a strong administrative background and that coupled with his outstanding experience and track record as a prosecutor and judge make him an excellent candidate for Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. I give him my unqualified endorsement.

Sheila R. McIlnay
Former prosecutor – 18th Judicial District – Littleton, Colorado; Fformer Regional Counsel and Acting General Counsel – State Bar of Texas;
CEO, IPM, Inc. and IPM Asset Solutions - Houston, Texas – Named as a top 50 woman owned business – Houston, Texas.


I have known David Bridges for almost two decades. He understands that his role as a judge is to be an impartial arbiter of the law, not an advocate for the state or the defense. His opinions are concise and well-reasoned and are decided on the basis of the law as it is written.

Cheryl Johnson
Former Judge Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
Hays County
Hays County Texas


It is a distinct honor to speak to you on behalf of Justice David Bridges. I have known Justice Bridges for over 20 years. In that time I have come to understand his commitments to the conservative values we hold to be precious and have found him to be unwavering. His core values I admire most are his loyalties to God, his family and our great country. His selection to the Supreme Court of Texas will be a great opportunity for all Texans and in turn, for all Americans. He will bring integrity, hard work, and traditional Texas values to our State’s highest court.

L. Don Watson
Texas Peace Officer, Retired
Rockwall County
Rockwall County, Texas


Such a man would serve and be dependable as this judgeship. Therefore, it is my pleasure to recommend him to you for this position.

Emery Cathey
former teacher/school administrator
Emory City Council
Rains County

Rains County, Texas


Early in my law enforcement career, I was assigned numerous undercover assignments as a Texas Department of Public Safety narcotics agent stationed in Northeast Texas. In the course of those assignments, I met assistant DA David Bridges. Methamphetamine was just coming into prevalence making it a rough and tumble world, but David never hesitated to see that proper prosecution was pursued. By my personal observation and experience David was one of the best prosecutors in Northeast Texas. I often relied and David's knowledge and experience while investigating felony drug offenses. It was my pleasure to work with David Bridges, and it will be my pleasure to cast a ballot for him as presiding judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Lane Akin
Texas Ranger Lieutenant, retired
Current Wise County Sheriff
Wise County, Texas


David was one of Gerald's students. Smart, honest, & a great all around person. He comes from a long line of judges. Gerald was proud of David and would have appreciated your vote for Daviid Bridges

Lorene Vaughan Centilli
Wife of football coach.
Trinity and Houston Counties
Trinity and Houston Counties, Texas